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Our Mission

We are awash in information and demands on our attention and time. Unfortunately, the more information we have the harder it can be to make sure that it is credible and current. In critical roles, having validated and up to date information significantly eliminates confusion and delay. That is our mission – to provide credible and validated answers to specific regulatory questions so that you can spend your time where it matters most, not researching legislation and poring over regulatory agency handbooks.

How did we start?

New Ambit began with a project at the University of Pittsburgh to provide legal guidance to professionals who were assisting in emergencies throughout the United States.  This system was instrumental in enabling healthcare professionals and relief organizations to safely and legally provide aid to victims of catastrophes like Hurricane Maria and won awards from the Army Medical Corps of Engineers and the University of Pittsburgh. We were excited about the capabilities of the system and the positive feedback we received, and eagerly went looking for other areas where this solution could be valuable. After a lot of time spent talking with lawyers about different areas of law that have similar cross-jurisdictional issues in fast growing industries, we found an urgent need for a similar product in the rapidly growing telehealth industry – a demand for primary legal research and guidance that was not being met by existing legal software providers. 


Who We Are

Nathaniel Minto

Nathaniel Minto

Founder and CEO

VP and Head of Product, Patron Technology
VP of Product, Showclix

Elizabeth Van Nostrand

Van Nostrand

Founder and Chief Legal Officer

Professor at Temple University
Former Director MPH/JD Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh

Jordan Messina

Jordan Messina

Chief Architect

Founder, Density
Ycombinator Alumnae

Eric Boduch

Eric Boduch

Founder and Chairman

Founder and GM Adopt, Pendo
VP Marketing, Vitria




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