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Regulatory guidance
you can understand

New Ambit takes complex regulations and laws and makes them understandable with specific guidance that everyone, your administrators, schedulers, service providers and leaders, can use to more effectively and efficiently do their jobs.

What New Ambit Does

Provides immediate access to information your practitioners need

  • Can they bill for a phone or video visit?
  • What if a patient is on vacation in Florida?
  • Does it make sense to expand the practiceto patients living in Ohio?
New Ambit provides immediate guidance on all of these questions and more.


Helps you target new opportunities

New Ambit enables you to identify expansion opportunities for your telehealth practice by analyzing question patterns to find out where regulation is holding you back.

Gets you compliant today

New Ambit helps you identify areas where you are not compliant today and guides you on the path to fixing those areas. And New Ambit keeps up with the ever changing landscape of laws and regulations so you ensure compliance now and in the future.




Start your journey towards compliance

New Ambit is now accepting telehealth practices for our Early Access period. Sign up today to discover how New Ambit can streamline compliance and expand your practice.